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Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service
Home Care at a new Level of Success

Improving the Home Care Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction should be the number one goal of any home care agency owner. A surefire way to improve client satisfaction is to work closely with your caregivers to ensure that they have all of the training and information they need to provide top-quality service. Check out these tips for providing excellent service and taking your home care agency to new levels of success:

Perform Regular Caregiver Checkups

While you don’t want to hover over your caregivers all the time, regular checkups are a good idea. An employee will almost always be on their best behavior when they know the boss is coming; unannounced visits offer an honest look at employee performance. By dropping in unannounced, you’ll get an accurate picture of the day-to-day happenings and keep caregivers on their toes.

It is also important to check in with clients on a regular basis. To ensure that your client feels comfortable giving their honest feedback, conduct these meetings when the caregiver isn’t present. Provide your clients with periodic questionnaires as well, which can be an effective way of gathering information. You can even make these questionnaires anonymous to protect client privacy and encourage sharing.

On the topic of feedback and communication, it is also important to make sure that scheduling coordinators communicate with clients in a friendly and effective manner. The scheduling coordinator is extremely important to the success of your business; choose a candidate for this position with whom clients will enjoy speaking.

Keep Things Flexible

While it is important to hold your caregivers to a high standard of quality, it’s also important to stay flexible when it comes to your clients. Addressing your client’s needs should be the most important thing your agency does. This might mean finding the client a caregiver that can work their preferred hours or one that meshes with their personality and preferences. If your client has a home care need, your agency should be able to accommodate it, within reason.

Be Consistent When Assigning Caregivers

One area where you’ll want to be consistent (unless the client requests otherwise) is with assigning caregivers. Whenever possible, assign the same caregivers to the same clients — especially if the client has had a positive experience with a particular caregiver. HomeTrak‘s homecare software lets you review which caregivers and clients have been matched in the past, making job assignments easy.

More Ideas for Happy Clients

There are a few more things you can do as a home care agency owner to ensure positive client experiences. Make sure caregivers understand the importance of being on time, every time. In addition, it is important that the caregiver you choose for a particular client is physically able to perform the duties required. Finally, just say no to smoking. Clients may smoke, of course, but it’s a good policy to prohibit caregiver smoking under any circumstance while on the job. Often, it’s the little things that make or break a home care agency. Clients notice and appreciate the little things — go the extra mile for them and you’ll see results to your bottom line.

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