Personal Care Services for the Homebound and Aging in Place

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Personal Care Services for the Homebound and Aging in Place

According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, an estimated 1.9 million people are completely or mostly homebound, and even more—5.3 million—have limitations that make it difficult to leave their homes.

Despite an understandable and notable preference for adults over the age of 50 who prefer to age in place to keep autonomy, familiarity, and their sense of independence, doing so safely presents many challenges.

First, the home’s accessibility. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 1 in 10 homes meet the following criteria for being suitable to age in place:

  • A step-free entryway
  • A full bathroom and a bedroom on the first floor
  • At least one bathroom with an accessibility feature, such as handrails or a shower seat.

Additionally, basic personal tasks, household and cleaning tasks, transportation and an accessible neighborhood, outdoor and yard maintenance, and mobility are among the most significant challenges for senior homeowners.

Last, and perhaps the most crucial statistic, is the lack of support systems and the strain on spousal or informal caregivers’ health and well-being can result in increased rates of mortality, dementia, heart disease, stroke, anxiety, depression, and suicide.

In-home care agencies that provide personal care services for the elderly or people with mobility issues are essential to their quality of life. With compassionate and caring personal care services from a home care agency, clients can remain in their homes, and avoid expensive skilled nursing or assisted living.  

All Saints Home Care agency provides a variety of services to clients including personal care services, which include bathing and grooming assistance, dressing assistance, help going to the restroom, and help moving from one place to another. Our professional caregivers play an important role in helping people age in place more affordably, with some independence, and with dignity. 

Types of Personal Care Assistance

Personal care assistance focuses on assisted daily living. These are tasks most people take for granted and include bathing, grooming, going to the bathroom, and moving about a room. We always respect the privacy and preferences of our clients when providing personal care assistance.

Bathing and grooming assistance

For some, taking a bath or shower independently isn’t an option. Our professional caregivers assist with bathing as well as grooming. Bathing assistance includes ensuring the water is at a safe temperature, and the bathroom is safe from trip hazards or things that can cause a slip-and-fall. Properly trained professional caregivers can safely assist your loved one into and out of the bathtub or shower.

In addition to bathing, our caregivers can also help with grooming. Grooming assistance includes washing, conditioning, and drying hair. Our professional caregivers are careful to use products preferred by the client. Clients who need assistance with brushing their teeth, flossing, or with denture care can depend on our caregivers to help them. Skincare is important as well, as skin tends to become thinner as we age. Applying lotion and checking for pressure ulcers or overly dry skin can prevent more serious health issues.

Maintaining daily personal hygiene is important to physical and mental health. Those who need personal care are especially vulnerable. All Saints Home Care is committed to providing our clients with dignified, respectful personal care services.

Dressing assistance

People with limited mobility may also have issues dressing themselves. Raising the arms above the head or leaning over to put on socks isn’t easy for many people who are aging in place. In some cases, their wardrobe needs to be updated to include shirts that button in the front. Clothing that is soft and stretchable is ideal. In addition to comfortable clothing, having comfortable non-slip shoes is necessary.

Toileting assistance

There may come a time for some people to need assistance going to the restroom. This can be caused by coordination issues, incontinence, muscle weakness, dizziness, and limited flexibility. Our professional caregivers provide help getting to the restroom if needed as well as assistance with helping them remove clothing, sitting on the toilet, and cleaning themselves after. Toileting assistance can be uncomfortable for clients, so All Saints caregivers are committed to clear, concise, respectful communication with clients through this process.

Mobility assistance

Transferring assistance, or mobility assistance, is necessary when a person has a hard time standing and moving on their own. Our caregivers receive training on properly helping another person transfer from one location to another. Whether it’s from one room to another, or a bed to a wheelchair, or one chair to another, our team is trained and capable of moving your loved ones safely.

The Importance of Personal Care Assistance

Those who need help with personal care are especially vulnerable. It’s essential your loved one has a properly trained caregiver who can help them with these personal daily tasks safely and with respect.

Personal care assistance helps the client preserve their dignity. With assistance, the client can maintain their personal hygiene and appearance which is important to both physical and mental health. Personal care assistance also helps the client retain some control over their daily activities.

In home care agencies that provide personal care services help provide the clients with an enhanced quality of life. Meeting personal care needs helps to keep the client healthier physically and mentally. Bathing, grooming and getting dressed all have an impact on mental health. Poor personal hygiene can cause social isolation which can already be a struggle for many who are homebound. Personal care services help keep clients looking and feeling like they’re ready for company. Additionally, poor personal hygiene can increase risk for health issues including tooth decay, scabies, and chronic diarrhea.

Finally, personal care assistance allows individuals to remain in their homes and communities. This sense of independence is important. Care plans are customized to each client which helps keep people at home longer.

The Impact of Good Personal Care Assistance for Families

A home care agency like All Saints, and services such as personal care assistance, can provide tremendous relief and respite for families and primary caregivers. Knowing a loved one is in safe, capable hands allows a primary caregiver to take time for self-care including medical appointments, errands, or relaxation to reduce stress and anxiety and help them to stay healthier in the long term.  

Access to Personal Care Services

All Saints Home Care and other home care agencies help individuals stay in their homes longer, which is more cost-effective than traditional skilled nursing home care.

Home care services, including personal care services, are frequently covered through Medicaid, or Medicaid Waivers, or both. Long-term care insurance policies are designed to help offset the costs or pay for medical care that is required if a person can no longer take on activities of daily living themselves. According to the AARP, the coverage is typically capped at a dollar amount monthly or has a maximum lifetime.

All Saints also works with programs provided through the State of Kansas, Sedgwick County Department on Aging, and the Central Plains Area on Aging. Our team can help you determine which programs you may be eligible for to assist with the cost of care.

Choosing a Home Care Agency

When choosing a home care agency, it’s important to make sure the agency has a track record of safety and is properly licensed and insured, for example, All Saints Home Care. Ask your family and friends if they have had experience with an agency. You may want to ask for references and read online reviews.

Safety is your, and our, primary concern. At All Saints Home Care all caregivers receive a background check before they are employed and before they work with any clients. Our professional caregivers are trained and receive ongoing continuing education. We know leaving your vulnerable loved one in the hands of another is hard, and we work to protect the trust you have and build relationships with our clients and their primary caregivers.

All Saints Home Care Services

If your loved one needs personal care assistance, All Saints Home Care can help. We have locations in Wichita, Hutchinson, and Newton and work in those metro areas. We have provided quality, compassionate personal care services for 24 years.

In addition to personal care, we also offer other services including medication reminders, meal preparation, general housekeeping, errands, and grocery shopping.

Medication Reminders

Taking medication consistently is important to your health. Our caregivers work with our clients’ healthcare providers and understand your needs. We create schedules and can ensure that medication is taken on time, and as prescribed.

Meal Preparation

Proper nutrition is key to good health at any age. However, as we age, we sometimes need help to prepare meals to keep ourselves nourished. We work with clients to make sure we are providing food they enjoy as well as nutritious meals.

General Housecleaning

A clean and tidy home is important for your physical and mental health. Clutter and piles of laundry can cause slips and falls. A dirty kitchen and dishes can create mold and attract pests. Our professional caregivers can help your loved one with a variety of housekeeping chores to make sure it’s a safe and comfortable environment.


People with limited mobility often have trouble leaving the home, and especially running errands. Our caregivers can pick up prescriptions, laundry, and dry-cleaning, take pets to the vet or for a walk, go to the post office, and more. We can take care of these tasks so your loved one can relax knowing their business is being handled.

Grocery Shopping

Our caregivers can make grocery lists and do personalized shopping for your loved one. We can also help your loved one place grocery orders for delivery or pickup. If your loved one wants to go to the store, we can provide physical assistance throughout the trip.

Contact Us

If your loved one needs personal care assistance, contact All Saints Home Care. Our team can help determine your loved one’s needs and walk you through the processes needed to start care. We are with you all the way to provide relief for primary caregivers, and safety, and dignity to our clients.

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