Staying in Your Home Longer Through Home Health

Most people want the opportunity to grow older in their own home rather than go into an assisted living facility. However, sometimes a person does need more assistance in their daily life. When this stage of life occurs, it’s good to have attendant home health available to help you or your loved one continue to live at home while still getting extra assistance needed.

Services Provided Through Attendant Home Health

Meal Preparation – Our team prepares meals for clients. Nutritional needs change as we age. Sometimes vitamin absorption is reduced, especially vitamins B12, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Meals that contain nutritious foods help keep seniors healthy and ultimately, in their homes longer.

Medication Reminders – Taking medications at the proper times and consistently is vital in keeping any person healthy and in their home. As people age, there can be the tendency to forget to take medications, miss doses, or refills. Our team makes sure that our clients receive the right medications at the right time.

General Housecleaning – Housecleaning is essential to staying happy and healthy in your home. Cluttered floors, and dirty dishes are hazards. The All Saints Home Care team will do basic house cleaning including making beds, cleaning kitchens, laundry, sweeping floors and vacuuming.

Running Errands & Grocery Shopping - Mobility issues can keep older people homebound and unable to run the types of errands they used to be able to do with ease. Picking up and dropping off prescriptions, laundry and dry-cleaning can be difficult for older people, and they may avoid these activities. Additionally, grocery shopping can be difficult for older adults. All Saints can shop for food and other necessities and assist with placing orders online and picking up online groceries.

Personal Care - Assistance with bathing and grooming and dressing assistance are services offered in assisted living facilities. However, attendant home services can help clients with the same tasks in the comfort of their own home. Transfer assistance (getting from one location to another) and restroom assistance are also important services.

Need Assistance?

If you’re in need of attendant home health services for yourself or a loved one, All Saints Home Care would love to help. You can contact us through our website or call us at 316-755-1076.

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