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Email Newsletters Provide Connection
Improve your Business Results

Why Home Care Agencies Should Create an Email Newsletter

Email marketing is an integral part of any well-rounded marketing campaign; sending out a newsletter can complement the services provided by your home care agency. Here are three ways an email newsletter can help you forge a meaningful connection with your clientele and improve your business results.

Client Retention Through Communication

An email newsletter is a great way to keep your clients’ family members informed about the services and activities that are available to their loved one. In addition, a newsletter can keep them updated on what their elderly parent is doing. Communicating with your clients’ families in this manner can go a long way toward establishing your home care agency as valuable and trustworthy.

Upsell Opportunities

One of the most effective ways to present add-on services is through an email newsletter. However, it is of vital importance to balance the upsells being presented with content that is informative, entertaining, or both. Most of the time, people will stop reading a newsletter if it is too “salesy.” When using a newsletter to present upsells, keep it short and sweet. A concise approach can result in more sales for your agency.

Increased Referrals

Yet another advantage of an email newsletter is that it can increase the flow of referrals to your home care agency. Offer your readers incentives to send referrals to your agency, and they’ll be far more likely to do so. One example of an effective incentive is a discount — people are often happy to recommend a service to others if it results in more money for them.

Tips for Creating a Home Care Agency Newsletter

Writing a home care agency newsletter doesn’t have to be a chore. Simply updating newsletter recipients on current and future services and events can go a long way toward increasing the levels of engagement you have with a client’s family. However, it is also a good idea to include an interesting story or article that appeals to your target audience, such as relaxation tips for busy adult children. If you don’t want to write newsletter content yourself, consider hiring a freelance writer or content creation company, or simply link to an article you found helpful.

If you decide to do the writing yourself, keeping paragraphs short and utilizing headers and bullets to break up large blocks of content can help keep the reader’s attention. When it comes to how often to send out a newsletter, once a week should suffice. Your clients’ family members will appreciate the engaging information, which can pay off in increased business for your home care agency.

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